Marino Bonetti, Pietro Giuliani, Cugher/Saati

Marino Bonetti has always been Cugher’s Sales Manager and in the last 15 years – Head of Sales in the automotive sector. Involvement in development of high-tech car glass gave him the opportunity to study, from a privileged point of view, all project issues. This still represents the best way to extend knowledge and competences in this specific field. Pietro studied to become an aircraft pilot but eventually started his professional career at Dueci, a company selling screen printing consumables, equipment and stencils. In 1988, he joined Sericol where he was responsible for the Italian market. In 1993 Pietro joined Saati, passing through the R&D department, to commercial roles and since 1998 taking care of the glass and ceramic segment. Currently, after 30 years spent at the company, he is managing Saati’s EMEA market together with Simone Grandi.

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